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How long to do the herbs & spices last?

Ambient storage with 12 month “best before” code. Once opened shelf life of 30 days in refrigerator. 

How do I store my Pikt and Chopt Spices and Herbs?

Once opened you should store your products in the refrigerator for up to 30 days.

How do I use Pikt and Chopt's Spices and Herbs in cooking?

Pikt and Chopt's herbs and spices are very easy to use, simply mix or rub into your cooking, just like you would fresh chopped herbs or spices. 

What allergens are in Pikt and Chopt's products?

There are no allergens such as gluten in our Range.

Where do the herbs come from?

All our herbs and spices are grown in Vietnam. 

What temperature should Pikt and Chopt's products be refrigerated at?

4 degrees C / 40 degrees F or less, is suitable for storing Pikt and Chopt products, so normal household refrigerators are perfect.